Tampere Water

Tampere Water

Tampere Water has been responsible for water supply over 120 years and nowadays we have almost 250 000 residents in our supply area. Tampere Water is responsible for the supply, treatment and distribution of clean water; the construction and maintenance of networks; the conveyance of wastewater, rainwater and meltwater; the maintenance of the sewer system; and the treatment of wastewater.

Our high-quality tap water is odorless, flavorless, colorless and proven safe to be enjoyed. Our water quality meets perfectly all the requirements given by Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare. Tap water is also economical: one glass of water only costs about 0,06 cents and with 3 cents you can get a bucket of water.

Tap water is much cleaner than bottled water. Research made by Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare has proven that bottled water includes even 100 times more microbes than tap water.

Everyone of us needs water daily and even 80 percent of world’s people need water at their work. Clean water is the foundation for health and welfare in which Tampere Water is doing its part.